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Shred gnarberry at Olive Jar Cannabis

Live Resin: Unleash the Plant Freshness

Get ready for an authentic and intense cannabis experience with our collection of live resin. Live resin weed products take cannabis concentrates to the next level by capturing the essence of freshly harvested plants. 

Our live resin options are carefully selected to provide you with a burst of flavors and aromas that stay true to the plant’s natural profile. 

Enjoy Live Resin Terp Sauce from Greybeard or find other concentrate favourites.

Shatter: Crystal-Clear Purity

Shatter is known for its high potency and glass-like appearance, making it a favorite among concentrate enthusiasts. 

Check out our Shatter Pack: Catacomb Kush.

Kief: Elevate Your Grind

Transform your cannabis experience with the addition of kief, which contains a concentrated dose of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Try a Rocket Fuel Kief Coated Infused Pre-roll for an extra kick of potency and flavor. 

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil): A Potent Medicinal Option

Named after the legendary cannabis activist Rick Simpson, RSO is a concentrated form of cannabis oil known for its potential medicinal properties.

Choose a 1:1 Balanced RSO from Ellevia in its purest form. This cannabis oil has zero fillers, additives, or synthetics.

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Diamonds: A True Gem in Concentrates

Diamonds are crystalline structures found in certain cannabis concentrates, reflecting purity and potency. 

We offer diamond products that promise a concentrated and powerful high.

Hash: Old-School Charm with Modern Potency

Hash has been a staple in cannabis culture for decades.

Search our curated menu to find Double J’s Sungrown Traditional Hash, Organic Lebanese Hash from 1964 Supply Co., and Ceramic Tip Water Hash Infused Pre-Roll from Beurre Blanc.

1964 hash at Olive Jar Cannabis

Cannabis Oil: Versatile and Potent

Cannabis oils provide a convenient and flexible way to enjoy the benefits of concentrated cannabinoids. 

Our selection includes a variety of oil products, each designed to cater to different preferences and consumption methods.

Choose DayDay – Full Spectrum CBG+CBD OilBlend or a Honey Oil Infused Pre-Roll from Countryside Cannabis.

About Olive Jar Cannabis in Toronto

At Olive Jar Cannabis, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse and high-quality selection of cannabis edibles. Every product on our menu is sourced from reputable brands to ensure your satisfaction and enjoyment.