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Harts pre-rolled joints at Olive Jar Cannabis in Toronto

Discover the Zest of Sativa Pre-Rolls

Welcome to a world where your cannabis experience is rolled up and ready to go! 

Perfect for those who crave a daytime boost, Sativa strain pre-rolls offer an invigorating and uplifting high with a burst of creativity, focus, and energy.

We carry popular flavors and brands:

Experience a fresh Sativa experience that sparks joy from the first puff.

Cheetos bag with pre-rolled joints

Unwind with Indica Pre-Rolls: Joint by Joint

For the ultimate relaxation, our Indica pre-rolls are your ticket to a blissful evening. Experience the calming effects and soothing vibes as you unwind with these carefully crafted joints. 

Choose from a variety of Indica pre-rolls such as:

Elevate your chill time with our premium Indica offerings.

SMRF THC infused pre-roll joint at Olive Jar Cannabis in Toronto

Harmony in Every Puff with Hybrid Pre-Rolls

Why pick between Sativa and Indica when you can have the best of both worlds? 

On our menu, you’ll find popular Hybrid brands and products like:

Whether you’re seeking a creative spark with a touch of relaxation or a mellow buzz with a hint of euphoria, our Hybrid pre-rolls have you covered.

About Olive Jar Cannabis

As your trusted dispensary in Toronto, Olive Jar Cannabis is committed to providing a diverse and premium selection of pre-rolled joints. Enjoy a hassle-free, enjoyable cannabis experience.