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About Our Toronto Weed Dispensary

Shelves, Olive logo, and jars in Toronto weed dispensary

How our Dispensary Began

Your favourite neighbourhood dispensary, Olive Jar Cannabis, opened on 4-20-22 (fitting, yes?). We are friends from high school and although the saying goes, “Don’t go into business with friends or family”, it works for us.

Our love for cannabis and desire to be owners of our own business brought us — and keeps us — together.

Before we started Olive Jar Cannabis, we bounced business ideas back and forth. What type of business were we passionate about? 

No matter what business we thought of, we kept coming back to our vision of a local weed dispensary in Toronto. And Olive Jar Cannabis was born.

We filled out the necessary paperwork to open up our brand-new dispensary, only to discover our North Toronto dispensary location was not zoned for retail. On top of that, we were under the full weight of the global pandemic!

But we pushed forward to see our dream become a reality. We enlisted our wives to help us create a new dispensary concept at an even better location in the best neighborhood of Runnymede. 

Olive Jar Cannabis Graphic

Why the Name Olive Jar Cannabis?

It’s simple. We love sitting at home with our friends and family enjoying martinis. 

The name Olive Jar Cannabis represents that time together, where the world may rush around us in chaos, but we live in the moment with the people we love. 

That’s what we hope you find at Olive Jar Cannabis — a community of people who share in your love of all things marijuana and who enjoy a tight-knit atmosphere.

As our customer, you come first.

What Makes our Toronto Dispensary Different?

Highly Qualified Budtenders

We focus on education, inclusion, and enjoyment. It’s our mission to hire the most friendly, well-informed, (and highly trained) budtenders.

You can use our free rolling stations where our budtenders can work with new marijuana smokers to learn how to roll properly. We have DIY Cannabis cookbooks, so you can make your own marijuana goodies at home.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Or just pop in the shop and ask us!

Our most important investment is our budtenders. We only hire the best of the best—those who are as passionate about the cannabis industry as we are—and as you are! They know their products, they know the brands, they understand how to listen to our customers and help offer valuable recommendations. They are just that good.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some real reviews from actual Olive Jar Cannabis customers (thank you for your kind reviews!):

Artists In Residence

“Not only is the product outstanding, but the customer service is on another level, the rolling station is very unique, the store itself is stunning and the prices keep us coming back every week. One of the gentlemen that was working suggested I try the cinnamon bun chocolate (it’s a 1:1 CBD THC Ratio), and I haven’t been more relaxed in years. I couldn’t recommend Olive Jar more!”

Yuri I

“Great location, with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Took the time to walk me through what they offer. What a great experience! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone.”

Dan Pln

“Immediately upon entering the store, I was welcomed with friendly and knowledgeable staff, who walked me through various options and were very patient with me to find what suits me. It all felt very natural and comforting. Great to know places like this exist. Highly recommend!”

Leave a Google Review

If you’ve been to our store already and haven’t told us about your experience, please do! We love hearing what you loved, what you’d like to see, and if you had any issues while you were here, so we can address it.

Oh, and we love dogs!

Next time you stop in, bring your dog in with you, and we’ll give them a special treat. 

While you’re at it, take a picture with your pup at Olive Jar Cannabis and post it on our Google Business Profile, Facebook or Instagram!

Cannabis Product Variety

Olive Jar Cannabis Weed Dispensary Storefront

We offer CBD products, Hybrid, Sativa, Indica strains for the best dried flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, tinctures, topicals, seeds, concentrates, and a wide range of accessories for you to choose from.

We want you to have the largest variety of weed products to choose from, so we hand-select our inventory.

Like Edibles?

Choose from a large selection of chocolates, gummies, drinks, capsules or tablets, chews, hard candy, suckers and baking goods.


Our concentrates consist of live resin, shatter, kief, hash and oil. Need accessories? We have your papers, (we’ll teach you how to roll them!), we have trays, grinders, lighters—whatever you need.

Popular brands are popular for a reason, and we carry products from more than 100 of the most trusted brands in the industry. But in the spirit of a good microbrewery, we also offer organic LPs and craft LPs for those who want something less mainstream.

Weed Deals

Because everyone loves a great deal, we constantly offer various discount weed discounts throughout the year.

Cannabis Accessory Mondays

Now Offering Accessory Mondays! 

Your cannabis accessories collection will thank you.

Visit our dispensary on Mondays or use our online menu and receive 15% off your favorite accessories!

We also have something special for our 60 and older crowd—10% any day of the week!

Google Reviews

  • Love this place, they have the best “sleepy” edibles! I haven’t slept so sound since I was a teenager, I think.
    Beyond that, the one who’s the most excited to go to Olive Jar is my dog! He also gets the best treats 🙂

    natalia gomez
    Olive Jar Cannabis Customer
  • Customer service is always great and the selection of products as well as quality is just as good, if not better. Definitely a worthy spot to visit in Toronto whether you’re visiting or live here. Ask for Nick for any questions and they will 100% take care of you. Good vibes and good business!

    Dmyth CacaLito 716
    Olive Jar Cannabis Customer
  • Nice decor and vibe. Friendly and helpful staff. Ange & Nick are always very knowledgeable and provide superb recommendations. Great selection of apparel and cannabis books.

    Thomas Flynn
    Olive Jar Cannabis Customer
  • Awesome staff who give great recommendations and know the products well. Great inventory and nice spot. Highly recommend!

    Markus Klaise
    Olive Jar Cannabis Customer
  • Nick was very attentive and had really good recommendations. The music inside was great and the overall vibe of the building was just amazing. I recommend this dispensary to anyone especially when the employee “Nick” is there. Best dispo in Toronto!

    matthew reynolds
    Olive Jar Cannabis Customer
  • Best cannabis store in Toronto! The staff are friendly and extremely helpful. Amazing selection of products and such a great vibe inside the store. Will definitely return and would highly recommend!

    Christine C
    Olive Jar Cannabis Customer