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What is 420? 9 Facts About this Weed Lovers’ Holiday

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Fun Facts About 420: the Unofficial Holiday of Cannabis Enthusiasts

1. Weed Day

April 20th (4/20) is widely known as “Weed Day” or “National Weed Day”. It’s a holiday that celebrates cannabis culture and is observed by cannabis enthusiasts around the world.

2. 4/20 Origin Theories

Police Code

The origins of the term “420” are uncertain, but there are several popular theories. One theory suggests that “420” was police code for marijuana use, but this has been debunked.

The Waldos

Another theory claims that “420” was the time that a group of high school students in California would meet to smoke cannabis after school.

The Waldos, a group of high school students in San Rafael, California, in the early 1970s, are often credited with popularizing the term “420”. The group would use “420” as a code word for cannabis and would meet at 4:20 pm to smoke together.

3. Global Events

420 has become a global phenomenon, with festivals, concerts, and other events held in many cities around the world on April 20th. These events typically feature live music, food vendors, and booths selling various cannabis-related products.

4. Classically Cannabis Concert Series

In 2012, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra hosted a “Classically Cannabis” concert series, where attendees were allowed to bring and consume cannabis. The series was the first of its kind and drew national attention.

5. Weed Legalization in Colorado

The state of Colorado, which legalized recreational cannabis in 2014, has experienced a surge in tourism since legalization. In 2018, the state welcomed over 86 million visitors, with many tourists citing the availability of cannabis as a factor in their decision to visit.

6. 420-Friendly Dating Apps

420 has also become a popular meme on the internet, with countless images and videos featuring the number and its association with cannabis.

There are even “420-friendly” dating apps and websites, where users can find like-minded individuals who enjoy cannabis.

7. Pre-Roll Joint World Record

The Guinness World Record for the largest joint ever rolled was set in 2019, when a team of cannabis enthusiasts in California rolled a joint that was over 100 feet long.

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8. Worth Billions

The cannabis industry has been rapidly growing in recent years, with estimates suggesting that it could be worth over $73 billion by 2027.

9. Still Illegal in Places

Despite the increasing acceptance of cannabis in many parts of the world, it remains illegal in many countries, and possession or use can result in serious legal consequences. It is important to be aware of local laws and regulations before using or possessing cannabis.

We’re here for you on 420 and all the other non-cannabis days!

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